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Contact the Decision Makers

Call and email your county and city elected officials and the RDU Airport Authority Board.

Please be positive and respectful in your communications. Many of these decision makers want to see a win-win for the airport and the community.  But there are real hurdles and regulations that must be navigated, and it will require bold action - let them know you support this better vision. Let them know how important it is to have these centrally located, convenient trails. Let them know what a valuable asset a trail center and IMBA ride center would be, both for the residents and businesses in our community. And personal stories are always a nice touch.

These lands are owned by RDU, which is governed by the RDU Airport Authority board. Those board members are appointed by Durham County, Wake County, the City of Raleigh, and the City of Durham.  Contact your local city council and county commissioners and let them know you support our efforts.

Wake County

Wake County Commissioners:

Raleigh City Council members

Durham County Commissioners

Durham City Council Members

RDU Airport Authority

Contact the members of the RDU Airport Authority Board. This mail link will address an email to all members, or contact the members individually listed below:

What to say?

  • SUPPORT the vision of RDU Forest, a central hub of outdoor recreation that adds to the quality of life for residents in our region, is an asset to businesses and employees who value outdoor adventure, and appeals to active travelers.
  • SUPPORT preserving Lake Crabtree County Park and the forest bordering Old Reedy Creek for recreational use. It is one of the most used recreation corridors in the Triangle, and the largest centrally located mountain biking trail system.
  • OPPOSE a quarry built adjacent to William B. Umstead State Park on environmental sensitive lands that drain into Umstead State Park and Crabtree Creek
  • SUPPORT an extended, detailed community involvement in planning the land use of these RDU airport lands.  One that preserves forested trail-based recreation and is more compatible with the surrounds of William B. Umstead State Park, Lake Crabtree County Park and lands off of Old Reedy Creek Road