400 Feet Down

Seen the StopRDUQuarry signs around town? Wondering what it's all about? What if there was a movie that explained all of it?

Two non-profits, a local homeowner and resident of Raleigh, are standing against a backroom deal to give away our public lands to a stone quarry. With litigation and court dates getting closer for them...time is of the essence for the public to become informed about how the "lease" of the OddFellows Tract affects our entire RDU community, greenways, Umstead State Park and Crabtree Creek.

There is much more to this true story than a simple business arrangement between RDU Airport and Wake Stone Quarry.  "400 Feet Down: Misguided Authority and the Fight to #StopRDUQuarry"will tell this story.

Would you like a hi-res copy of the cool movie poster? Perfect for printing, sharing, and getting the word out around town!

Watch the Full Movie for free!

After a series of sold out showings in local theaters, the movie has been released online for free -  watch it here.

What are they saying? Reviews and coverage of the movie

"This film will convince you, if you’re not already, how misguided the RDU Airport Authority’s quarry deal is.  Sweetheart deal is the nicest way of putting it. In environmental terms OMFG." - Bob
"Thank you, Charlie! A Herculean effort , and I hope each person who saw the film will influence 10 friends" - Nancy